Álbuns e MVs


Algum vídeo está indisponível? Avise-nos aqui!

© eng subs: bts-subs, army base subs, riku riku, min suga, taeplanet, kcraze00, so ackward, KimmyYang, entre outros.


  • 화양연화 PT.2 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life)
  1. INTRO: Never Mind
  2. RUN
  3. Butterfly
  4. Whalien 52
  5. Ma City
  6. 뱁새 (Silver Spoon)
  7. SKIT: One night in a strange city
  8. 고엽 (Autumn Leaves)
  9. OUTRO: House of Cards
  • 화양연화 PT.1 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life)
  1. Intro: 화양연화
  2. I NEED U
  3. 잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight)
  4. SKIT: Expectation!
  5. 쩔어 (DOPE)
  6. 흥탄소년단 (Fun Boys/Heungtan Boys)
  7. Converse High
  8. 이사 (Move)
  9. Outro: Love is Not Over
  • Wake Up (japonês)
  1. Intro
  2. The Stars
  3. Danger
  4. Boy In Luv
  5. Just One Day (Extended Ver.)
  6. I Like It (いいね!)
  7. I Like It Pt.2 ~In That Place~ (いいね!Pt.2~あの場所で~)
  8. No More Dream
  9. Attack On Bangtan (進撃の防弾)
  10. N.O
  11. Wake Up
  12. Outro
  • Skool Luv Affair
  1. Intro: Skool Luv Affair
  2. Boy In Luv (상남자)
  3. Skit: Soulmate
  4. Where Did You Come From (어디에서 왔는지)
  5. Just One Day (하루만)
  6. Tomorrow
  7. BTS Cypher PT.2: Triptych
  8. Spine Breaker (등골브레이커)
  9. Jump
  10. Outro: Propose
  • O!RUL8,2?
  1. Intro: O!RUL8,2?
  2. N.O
  3. We On
  4. Skit: Are You Happy Now?
  5. If I Ruled The World
  6. Coffee
  7. BTS Cypher PT.1
  8. The Rise of Bangtan/Attack on Bangtan (진격의 방탄)
  9. Satoori Rap (팔도강산)
  10. Outro: Luv In School
  • 2cool4skool
  1. Intro: 2cool4skool [feat. DJ Friz]
  2. We Are Bulletproof PT.2
  3. Skit: Circle Room Talk
  4. No More Dream
  5. Interlude
  6. I Like It (좋아요)
  7. Outro: Circle Room Cypher


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